Symbolism of the Spirals in AuraPuri

The "triple spiral" in the AuraPuri's logo represents a variety of symbolic notions:
  1. The Buddhist "Triple Gem" - Buddha, Dharma, Sangha:
    • Buddha - Sacred* Wisdom (bodhi),
    • Dharma - Sacred Responsibility (Human Duty/Divine Law),
    • Sangha  - Sacred Community

    • The Hindu "Trinity" - Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.**
      These three Hindu gods are the divine representations of the processes of:
      • Creation - Brahma (Creator)
      • Synthesis - Vishnu (Preserver)
      • Analysis - Shiva (Destroyer of obstacles)
        Creation is driven by both the processes of synthesis and analysis! ***

        • The "Human Triple Unity" - Spirit, Mind, Body. 
          This unity is discernible in the harmoniously developed  human. It is expressed by the three functional modalities of play (sacred lila), learning, and work:
          • Spirit - Play (sacred lila) (pertaining to spirited enjoyment, bliss),
          • Mind - Learning (pertaining to mental reality),
          • Body - Work (pertaining to physical reality).

          • AuraPuri's "Triple Park" lay out - Play, Learning,Work:
            • Play - a park (including a cafeteria) serving as a venue for music, dance and... chai, etc.,
            • Learning- a park (including an e-library) for study, silence and contemplation,
            • Work - a park serving as "Work-out" area (sports, fitness, yoga, etc.).

              • The first "Three Elements of Antiquity" - Stone, Wood, Water.
                These earliest known elements are represented in the park areas by a stone edifice, a  tree and a water feature:
                • Stone - temple / central community building
                • Wood - Pipal tree, Bael tree (bodhi tree, tree of knowledge),
                • Water - well, spring, (fountain of life).
                  The Three Parallel Spiral Roadways

                  Radiating out in a parallel manner from the central park area of the village, and coming together at the entrance of the village, each of the three parallel road ways individually, will  have embedded either:
                  1. Water supply piping,
                  2. Underground electrical power cabling,
                  3. Sewage/drainage system.

                    Pedestrian Pathways

                    Also radiating out from the central park area and superimposed on the spiral road pattern (as depicted above), there will be a system of footpaths laid out according to the spiral patterning of the sunflower.
                    This will make it possible to walk from any place to any other place along the shortest route possible.
                    * Sacred or Human/Divine 
                    ** Unfortunately, the functionality of the divine powers of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva is rather misunderstood. E.g.  according to traditional Hindu cosmology Brahma is considered to be the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer. However ingrained this interpretation is in Hindu thought, it is a rather incomplete understanding, especially the role of Shiva as simply the destroyer!

                    *** "There are two major low-level cognitive mechanisms of creativity: divergent thinking that is the ability to generate original, distinct, and elaborate ideas, and convergent thinking that is the ability to logically evaluate and find the best solution among a variety of feasible alternatives. A parallel between these two mechanisms and the processes of synthesis and analysis of conceptual spaces can naturally be drawn: creativity per se is a balance of synthesis, which usually leads to expanding the conceptual space, and analysis, which is associated with exploring the space. The dynamics of the interaction of divergent and convergent thinking establishes the canonical dynamics of the creative process – the dynamics of creative exploitation and exploration." Source: http://arxiv.org/ftp/cs/papers/0605/0605120.pdf (page ten)

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