"AuraPuri" - In Depth Introduction

A serious Proposal for a Model Village in Khajuraho - the Heart of India

(For now a proposal only...)

Depiction of Traditional Living in Tribal India
The spiral is an essential symbol used in traditional wedding rituals in certain regions of India

Notice the spiral used in a wedding ceremony
in front of the horse's feet
used prior to the groom entering the wedding hall

The “AuraPuri Social Initiative” is a comprehensive plan (started in December 2010) to plan and build an ideal and futuristic model village and ecological enclave (approx. 99 acres) that provides all the necessary elements in abundance to have its inhabitants acquire:
  • Integral physical, mental and spiritual well-being,
  • All-round education from Kindergarten to University levels,
  • The acquisition of an extensive set of effective and efficient practical-life skills,
  • Individual independence and self reliance,
  • Self-respect, self-confidence,
  • Respect for all fellow human beings,
  • Tolerance and openness to all cultures and religions,
  • Personal and social responsibility,
  • Personal financial responsibility and responsible money management techniques,
  • People skills and insight in one’s own behaviour,
  • Self-control and compassionate intercourse with all fellow human beings.
  • Behavioural attitudes that promote gender equality,
  • Sensitivity to ecological requirements of tidiness, cleanliness and beauty,
    o from tilling the land,
    o to planting, harvesting, tending and caring for cattle,
    o food preparation, clean-up,
    o laundry and washing, personal hygiene,
    o building and maintaining shelter,
    o proper use of and maintenance of machinery, vehicles and other equipment,
    o proper handling of electric and electronic devices,
    o computer work,
    o manufacturing skills, etc.


Symbolism of the Spirals in AuraPuri

The "triple spiral" in the AuraPuri's logo represents a variety of symbolic notions:
  1. The Buddhist "Triple Gem" - Buddha, Dharma, Sangha:
    • Buddha - Sacred* Wisdom (bodhi),
    • Dharma - Sacred Responsibility (Human Duty/Divine Law),
    • Sangha  - Sacred Community

    • The Hindu "Trinity" - Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.**
      These three Hindu gods are the divine representations of the processes of:
      • Creation - Brahma (Creator)
      • Synthesis - Vishnu (Preserver)
      • Analysis - Shiva (Destroyer of obstacles)
        Creation is driven by both the processes of synthesis and analysis! ***

        • The "Human Triple Unity" - Spirit, Mind, Body. 
          This unity is discernible in the harmoniously developed  human. It is expressed by the three functional modalities of play (sacred lila), learning, and work:
          • Spirit - Play (sacred lila) (pertaining to spirited enjoyment, bliss),
          • Mind - Learning (pertaining to mental reality),
          • Body - Work (pertaining to physical reality).